About us

Under the watchful eye of Table Mountain, Ode, our mother company, has designed, tested and produced a wide range of beautifully crafted floating furniture, maintaining or bettering European manufacturing standards since 2006. Unable to keep up with the demand, Ode Zen was born out of the need to take Ode products and re-engineer them for stock production with a focus on affordability. As South Africa's leading Floating Furniture supplier, our customer satisfaction is paramount! We offer free delivery across South Africa and we have a full refund policy should any of our clients be unhappy with our product for any reason. Contact us today for more details and become part of the Ode Zen experience, we look forward to hearing from you.



Zen ethos

In reality, it is all about you, our customer. Ode Zen only exists because we listen to our customers and take action according to their needs. Producing high-quality, minimalist designs that enhance and complement any space. From the second pen touches paper to the minute our customers finish their installation, Ode Zen is committed to our client's satisfaction, guaranteed.

"Beauty is the harmony of function and form." - Alvar Aalto.

Our credibility.

We are proud of our reputation and continuously adapt and refine our processes in order to maintain our high customer satisfaction levels. Read the below Google reviews for your own peace of mind, or if you have recently made an Ode Zen purchase, please write a review, we would love to hear about your experience.

Our guarantee

At Ode Zen, we place our clients at the centre of our business. Our human-centric approach means our designs add harmony and tranquillity to any space.

However, should any of our customers be unhappy for any reason, within a week of receiving it, just return the item to Ode Zen for a complete refund.